Complete product development

  • initial product ideas generation – original breakthrough ideas do not usually come from customers but from experts, visioners, dreamers, ideally incorporated in one person. This phase is about an original thought, the following product development phases are about professional skills
  • customer testing - selection process of the product hypotheses made by customers
  • minimal viable product - product development lab - limited sales to public to confirm or adjust final product design
  • final product launch and sales management – there is a significant difference between MVP and efficient sales in scale, including setting up internal processes, IT integration, personnel training


Delivery and distribution channels

  • channel strategy outline (facilitator model, aggregator model, solution designer) what is the most suitable model for the particular product? How should it evolve in time?
  • building up the whole channel ecosystem
  • operating the partners network – SLA contract based

New business concepts

  • business developmentd
  • turnkey solutions delivery, aiming at long term value creation
  • setting up a new business and its operation
  • co-investment in new projects, profit or revenue share