They wrote about us

During the time of our professional careers we had the privilege to collaborate with several brilliant partners and colleagues in a wide variety of projects, analyses or product rollouts. Here is their feedback about us.

Pauline Louise Newman

Electurre s.r.o. provides excellent services in the energy industry regarding the development of businesses and products. The team consists of highly experienced and motivated experts in the field of pinpointing and developing business needs, coupled with a strong understanding of energy products and customer lifecycle management. In this, their services are absolutely unique as they add real entrepreneurial value to businesses focusing on optimising sales channels with carefully thought out, robust strategies for clients.

Pauline Louise Newman,
Head of Marketing Integrated Communication at Plzeňský Prazdroj
Pauline Louise Newmanh

Miroslav Lopour

Miroslav Lopour

We were cooperating with team on strategic projects improving customer approach, based on data and value perspective. He had a clear vision, how to implement proposed changes into life and generate added value from it, using different levers like additional cross-sell or new products. He is experienced in the the sales area and I believe his company will bring you the necessary experience for changing your approach to customer value too.

Miroslav Lopour,
Manager of strategic projects in energy sector, Deloitte

Luca Conti

It has been really a pleasure working with Jan Louženský in the development of the new downstream for several years. Jan has a complete knowledge in the European energy business, both commodity and solutions beyond the meter, always putting customer first. His pragmatic approach and his strong business mindset help him in developing the business quickly.

Luca Conti,
Director Solutions Sales and Delivery at E.ON Italia S.p.A.
Luca Conti

Pavel Přikryl

The Electurre team consists of professionals with profound expertize in the energy sector. They are not just theoretical consultants like many others. They have long term managerial experience with product development, process and IT integration in the utility business. As their customer you can rely on the practical output of their work such as launching relevant products to the market.

Pavel Přikryl,
Pavel Přikryl